Steven is a 17-year-old artist & activist born & raised in York, Pennsylvania. Since the age of six, Steven has been performing with The Belmont Theatre (previously known as York Little Theatre), Dreamwrights Community Theatre, Weary Arts Group, as well as the York Suburban Theatres. Steven's extensive résumé of on and off-stage experience ranges approximately 35 productions that include some of his favorites: Roger/Gary (Noises Off), Peter Pan (Peter Pan), Reverend Parris (The Crucible), now Wadsworth (Clue), and many more. Recently, Steven won the State competition for Poetry Out Loud, which he has competed in both the school & regional levels his previous two years; unfortunately, the National Competition has been canceled due to the COVID-19 outbreak. His training includes Song Fest, York County Honors Choirs, along with his high school select choral ensembles, Tri-M Honors Society, and International Thespian Society.

Beyond theatrical & performance activities, Steven's humanitarian work has evolved throughout his struggle for identity within his juxtaposing liberal & conservative Pennsylvanian town. To put it simply, his experiences surrounding abuse, displacement, a lack of acceptance, and mental illness have inspired his passions, which he works towards today. Beginning in middle school, Steven has worked with his schools' Mental Health Alliances; however, it is in his high school years that his true work has begun. As a youth founder of  the Lancaster LGBTQ+ Coalition, Steven has continued to advocate for the less privileged in his community. This is exemplified by his Co-Presidency in the Gay-Straight Alliance & Project Harmony and leadership in Mini-Thon & Link Crew to his more academic work with Voter Registration & education system reform in Student Form, Student Council, & the Comprehensive Planning Committee.

Looking forward to his graduation in May 2021, Steven hopes to expand his portfolio in poetry, theatre, and activism; his major will hopefully concentrate in all three, where he will be attending Columbia University!